once in a lifitime  brings 
Together unique properties,
selected to make   you live unforgettable  moments

Who are we?

once in a lifetime

Once in a Lifetime brings together exclusive and complementary members characterised by their aesthetic, artistic and human values.

Located around the world, they are the true ambassadors of their destination and are committed to offering you authentic and sincere experiences that are faithful to local cultures. 

Each hotel offers an exceptional quality of accommodation, personalised service and a soul that gives it its singularity.

Opening the door of a Once in a Lifetime's hotel is immersing yourself in an embodied place, carried by gentleness and generosity.

Didier Le Calvez


"By creating Once in a Lifetime, we are keen to provide a new response to meet the expectations of today's and tomorrow's travellers. This project was born from a long term observation, matured through meetings and discussions with independent hoteliers, customers and tourism industry key actors. We hope that our carefully selected hotels will give a different perspective to your future travels and unveal destinations and experiences that you should experience at least once in your lifetime."

OUR promises

  • Exceptional hotels on a human scale, carefully selected


  • Properties that are emblematic of their destination


  • A strong aesthetic and artistic identity


  • A responsible and sustainable approach  

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